Why are Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claims Denied?

Denied Life Insurance Claim

Policy holders generally will buy life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to protect their loved ones in the unfortunate event they pass as a result of an accident or by accidental causes.

If that  happens, the insurance company is supposed to pay both the face amount of the life insurance policy and, on top of that, an amount that is double or triple the amount of the face amount of the policy for the accidental death. That additional amount is payable as AD&D benefits.

That does not always happen as life insurance carriers are looking for a way to deny the accidental death benefits (AD&D) to reduce their costs.

The Two Reasons That AD&D Benefits are Denied

The life insurance company has two “go to” reasons for denying a claim:

  1. The policyholder’s death was not accidental or,
  2. Even if the death was an accident, the death fails under a policy exclusion.

Many life insurance policies are poorly written and can be interpreted different ways. One interpretation may favor the insurance company while another interpretation may benefit the life insurance beneficiary. Which one do you think the insurance carrier is going to use? Not the one that favors the beneficiary!

If the life insurance company improperly applies a policy exclusion or interprets the policy exclusion or limitations in their favor, it time to call us at the Life and Accidental Death Claim Law Firm. We know how courts look at ambiguous language in life and AD&D policies and how the language should properly be construed.

Never ever accept the denial of a life insurance or AD&D claim with calling us for a free review of the policy and the denial letter. We handle denied life insurance and AD&D claims and offer a complimentary consultation.

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