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Nancy Cavey is here to help you and become your life and accidental death and dismemberment lawyer. She is here today to answer questions about Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claims.  This practice was formed to work for and help individuals who are having issues with their life insurance or their accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Nancy L. Cavey


Nancy has been practicing disability law since 1985. She is a Florida Bar Certified attorney.

Nancy’s Story And Inspiration for Representing Those with ADD and Life Insurance Claims

 My dad was a World War II aviator during the war and saw in an instance how someone’s life can change, through no fault of their own. When he came back from the war, he joined the family insurance business in Baltimore, Maryland. And among the insurances that he purchased was a life insurance policy. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia when I was in junior high school, and he passed away when I was fifty four. He left a widow and three children, and the life insurance was crucial to our financial survival. Of course, once you’re diagnosed with a condition like that, it’s practically impossible to get any additional life insurance. That wise decision that he made, based on his experience in the war, helped our family survive after his untimely passing. So everyone should have life insurance, and more than what they think they need.

Having worked in the insurance defense industry for years, and also worked as a plaintiff’s lawyer, I know that the first thing an insurance company looks for is what’s called a coverage defense. And that coverage defense is a defense that says, “Well, we don’t have any legal obligation to provide benefits.” In terms of coverage defenses, one of the first coverage defenses they’re going to look at is is, in fact, there any kind of misrepresentation on the application that the individual completed at the time they had signed up for life insurance. I am here to help you with your claim. Do not DELAY – time is not on your side.

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