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Denied Life Insurance Claims

There is an old saying that only 2 things are certain in life – death and taxes. While we laugh at that saying and commercials for life insurance by Big Lou, we buy life insurance to protect our family from financial uncertainty and ruin that death can bring. People want their family to stay in their homes, pay their bills and send their children to college after they pass.  It is as simple as that.

Death is emotionally difficult and can be made worse by financial problems and the hassle of dealing with a life insurance company who delays or denies paying benefits.  No one needs that but it happens every day.   

Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Delayed or Denied? We Are Here To Help!

You need help now! You need to speed up the claims process, appeal a wrongful denial of benefits or even file a lawsuit in state or federal court. We offer a free consultation to get answers and help.

We handle claims denial based on the following coverage defenses:

  • The policy holder failed to pay premiums,
  • The employer failed to remit the premiums or made a mistake in offering coverage,
  • The policy lapsed,
  • The policy holder failed to reinstate the policy,
  • The policy holder made misrepresentations on the life insurance policy application, and
  • The policy holder didn’t provide complete information on the life insurance policy application.
  • The policy holder didn’t provide the insurability form,
  • The policy holder was terminated and didn’t have coverage,
  • The policy holder’s employment status changed so there was no coverage, and
  • The beneficiary didn’t file a claim timely.

We also handle denied claims based the carrier claiming that:

  • The insured’s death was due to sickness,
  • The insured’s death was not accidental,
  • The insured’s death was accidental but the death was contributed to by a sickness,
  • The insured’s death was the result of intoxication,
  • The insured’s death was the result of taking prescription drugs that were not prescribed by a doctor,
  • The insured’s death was the result of taking illegal drugs,
  • The insured’s death was the result of autoerotic asphyxiation,
  • The insured’s death was the result of an assault or murder, and
  • The insured’s death was the result of violating the law or participating in a misdemeanor or felony at the time of death.

Sound familiar? Heard it from the life insurance carrier? Now it is time to get answers! Was the carrier right or wrong? How do I get them to pay benefits quickly? How do I appeal? Is it time to sue them?

Your Denied Life Insurance Claims Attorney

Every case is fact specific and policy specific. There are no cookie cutter answers and that is why it is crucial that you consult with an experienced life insurance benefit attorney.

We will:

  • Listen to you,
  • Review the policy,
  • Review all important documents
  • Review the carrier’s letters,
  • Answer all of your questions,
  • Explain all of your options,
  • Explain what it will cost.

Free Disability Consultation

Let us help you get on the path to recovery! We review all life insurance and accidental death claims with a free consultation.
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No Legal Fees Unless We Win Your Case!

Our fee is pretty simple.  Nancy Cavey and her team works on a contingency fee basis which means she doesn’t get paid unless we collect the life insurance benefits that are delayed or denied as a result of a settlement or trial.

Once we collect those benefits, we charge a fee that we all agree on when we are hired to represent you, the beneficiary, or the estate of the policyholder. The fee is flexible and is based on whether the claim is delayed or denied and how medically or legally complex the case might be.

We guarantee you will be comfortably with the fee!

Don’t let the life insurance company rob you and your family of its peace of mind and financial security. Your loved one didn’t pay years of premium so the life insurance carrier could profit from a wrongful claims denial.

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